AFK is an acronym for Away From Keyboard, meaning a user is not at their computer. An /afk command also exists which lets users who message you know that you are AFK.WoWBCG 2 The name of the character will show up as <AFK>Name, and an auto-response will be sent to anyone who sends the flagged user a tell. A message can also be typed after /afk which will be included in the auto-reply. Auto responses will also be sent for ready checks.

Typing /afk while in a battleground makes you leave that battleground. However, doing so will give the player the Deserter debuff, which prevents joining a battleground for 15 minutes.

Example: Person A says: /afk eating food.

Person B says: /w A Hello.

Person B receives: A is Away from Keyboard: eating food

Questionmark What do you call AFK people on a PvP server?
-  A Free Kill.

AFK mechanics Edit

  • You are marked away automatically after 5 minutes without any interaction.
  • You'll be logged off and sent to the character selection screen if you are AFK for more than 30 minutes.
  • You'll be disconnected from the server if you are AFK for 30 more minutes.

In your Interface Options, under Basics, you can select "Auto Clear AFK", which will automatically unset the AFK flag when talking or moving. It should be noted that any input that would reset the AFK flag if auto clear AFK is enabled will also reset the afk timer, regardless the user having the option disabled.

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