Aggro lock is a term used when a healer gets mobbed and starts to heal himself, creating an aggro building loop. Lasts until the healer fails to heal in time and dies, or until finally a tank class (paladin, warrior or druid in bear form) manages to taunt mobs off and build even more aggro than the healer.

A paladin in the group can spare the healer's life for several seconds by placing Blessing of Protection on them. Remember, this aggro loss is temporary and the tank must do their best to build threat on all of the mobs before the spell wears off.

  • If the healer is a priest, he can use fade and stops to heal, while a tank uses a taunt ability and starts building more aggro than the healer.
  • If the healer is a druid, he can go in cat form and start using cower or bear form and just try and survive while being hit on.
  • If the healer is a shaman, he can use a Stoneclaw Totem to try and maneuver away from the direct hits from the mob. However, this is not actual aggro reduction and the taunt from the totem can be resisted. Nevertheless, it's an option. An alternative is to drop a totem that spawns an elemental.

Note that if the healer uses an ability that reduce threat to save himself, others aside from the tank in the group might end up targeted instead.

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