Arcane Edit

Arcane is primarily used by Mages and Druids. It has long been one of the least used resistances, but this seems to be changing with the raid content in Bc icon. Gnomes, having an affinity for arcane energies, benefit from a permanent +10 Arcane Resistance as a Racial Trait. Arcane resistance is not necessary in Karazhan but can be used by an "offtank" on The Curator. It is likely that it will be needed in later TBC raid instances due to the abundance of Arcane resistant gear available.

Resistable Spells Edit

  • Druid: Moonfire, Starfire
  • Hunter: Arcane Shot, Concussive Shot, Flare, Hunter's Mark, Volley
  • Mage: Arcane Missiles, Arcane Explosion, Counterspell, Polymorph
  • Priest: Starshards

Example Items with Arcane Resistance Edit

  • Cloth:
    • Soulcloth Embrace: 110 AR, 78 Stam, 48 Int, 36 Spi, 3 pieces: gloves(1 yellow 1 red, 3 Int), shoulders(1 yellow 1 red, 3 Int) and chest(1 yellow 1 red 1 blue, 4 Int): 16 spell hit rating bonus for 3 pieces
    • Arcanoweave Vestments: 110 AR, 115 Stam, 9 mp5, 3 pieces: boots, wrists and chest: 16 spell hit rating bonus for 3 pieces
  • Leather:
    • Enchanted Clefthoof: 100 AR, 84 Stam, 3 pieces: boots(2 blue, 6 AP), gloves(2 blue, 6 AP, legs(3 blue, 8 AP)
  • Mail: To be updated
  • Plate:
    • Enchanted Adamantite: 140 AR, 96 Stam, 4 pieces: belt(1 blue 1 yellow, 3 defense rating), boots(1 red 1 blue, 3 dodge rating), chest(2 blue 1 yellow, 4 hit rating) and legs(1 red 2 blue, 4 defense rating)

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