Arrows are ammo for bows and crossbows. Better arrows have better DPS bonuses. Stacks are sold with 200 arrows, but may stack up to 1000. An arrowhead is the point of an arrow.

Guns use bullets.

Name Level DPS Price Source
[Rough Arrow] 1 +1.5 10Copper Vendor
[Sharp Arrow] 10 +3.5 50Copper Vendor
[Razor Arrow] 25 +7.5 3Silver Vendor
[Feathered Arrow] 35 +9.5 Quest reward from Stealing Supplies in Desolace
[Precision Arrow] 35 +11.5 Dropped from Baelog in Uldaman (~80% chance)
[Jagged Arrow] 40 +13.0 10Silver Vendor
[Ice Threaded Arrow] 51 +16.5 48Silver Alterac Valley Quartermasters - Requires Honored reputation.
[Thorium Headed Arrow] 52 +17.5 Quest reward from turning in 200 [Thorium Shells]
[Doomshot] 54 +20.0 Dropped from Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin in Blackrock Spire (25% chance)
[Wicked Arrow] 55 +22.0 16Silver Vendor
[Scout's Arrow] 61 +26.0 18Silver Bc icon Cenarion Expedition Quartermaster - Requires friendly reputation
[Blackflight Arrow] 65 +32.0 30Silver Bc icon Vendor
[Halaani Razorshaft] 66 +34.0 60Silver Bc icon Bought in Halaa if your faction is controlling the town
[Warden's Arrow] 68 +37.0 45Silver Bc icon Cenarion Expedition Quartermaster - Requires revered reputation
[Adamantite Stinger] 62 +43.0 Bc icon Created by [Adamantite Arrow Maker] crafted by Engineers with 335 skill
[Mysterious Arrow] 70 +46.5 90Silver Bc icon Requires Revered reputation with The Violet Eye
[Timeless Arrow] 70 +53.0 2Gold Bc icon Andormu - Requires Honored reputation with Scale of the Sands
[Nether Spike] 70 +63 Bc icon Conjured with the Legendary bow
[Saronite Razorheads] 72 +67.5 Wrath-Logo-Small Created by [Saronite Arrow Maker] crafted by Engineers with 415 skill
[Terrorshaft Arrow] 75 +46.5 30Silver Wrath-Logo-Small Vendor
  • All prices are per stack of 200.
  • Note there is no ammo specifically for crossbows — all arrows are usable with both bows and crossbows (real world crossbow bolts are quite different from bow arrows).
  • [Ice Threaded Arrow] have an icy-blue glow, and seem to be the only way to apply a glow to a ranged weapon.
  • Patch 2.3 added the first ever crafted arrows, Adamantite Stinger, made by Engineers,

Patch changesEdit

Patch 3.1.0 (2009-04-14): All types of gun and bow ammunition now stack to 1000.

Up from 200.

After patch 3.1.0Edit

There are plans to replace the current mechanic of mandatory per-shot consumable ammunition with "some new functionality that would continue to make ammunition a compelling element of game-play".[1] The effect this will have on existing ammunition bags is not yet known.

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