Pvp Battlegroup

Battlegrounds are shared between multiple servers where their players can engage in PvP against other realms. Each group of realms is called a Battlegroup. Battlegroups were introduced in Patch 1.12.

Icon-information-22x22 To modify a group, its Template can be found in the WoW Utility Templates category.


US Battlegroups



EU Battlegroups (English)


EU Battlegroups (German)



EU Battlegroups (Cross-Languages)

  FR   FR   FR   FR   FR   FR   FR   FR   DE   DE   DE   DE   DE   DE   DE   DE   DE   DE
FR French language servers
DE German language servers
  EN   EN   EN   EN   EN   EN   EN   EN   ES   ES   ES   ES   ES   ES   ES   ES   ES   ES   ES
EN English language servers
ES Spanish language servers


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