An occasionally used term for a "dot" (what Blizzard calls it) on the mini-map representing something a player character is trying to track.

Types of blips:

Αρχείο:In-faction blip 16x10.png for friendly players.
Αρχείο:Out-faction blip 16x10.png for neutral players (non-PvP flagged other faction too).
Αρχείο:Enemy player blip 16x10.png for hostile players.
Party blip 16x10 for party members.
Αρχείο:In-faction NPC blip 16x10.png for friendly NPCs.
Αρχείο:Mob blip 16x10.png for hostile NPCs.
Αρχείο:Resource blip 16x10.png for resource nodes in character area or tracked NPCs.
Αρχείο:Under rsrc blip 16x10.png for nodes in separate from character area (above/below).

Patches and Hotfixes Edit

The following blips were added in Patch 2.3: Αρχείο:In-faction blip 16x10.png and Αρχείο:Out-faction blip 16x10.png.

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