Bows are long-ranged weapons that use muscle power to fire (although the Strength attribute has no effect on damage). They are similar to crossbows and guns in use; all three use the shooting skill and related hunter skills. Character stats are applied the same way for each type, although the item stats will be different for each type.

Acquiring and Upgrading Edit

Unlike Guns, players cannot craft bows. Bows must be bought, looted or earned from quests.

Training Edit

Night Elf, Blood Elf, Troll and Orc Hunters start with the Bow skill. Tauren, Draenei, and Dwarven Hunters, as well as Rogues and Warriors, can learn the Bow skill from various weapon trainers (see weapon trainers for details). (The Rogues and Warriors then 'shoot' rather than 'throw'.)

Ammo Edit

Bows use Arrows as ammunition, which can be found on any General Goods Vendors (quality will vary) or Bowyer Vendor in packs of 200 arrows. Since patch 3.1 five packs take one inventory slot. Bows are capable of using different types of arrows which will affect the bow's damage output. In WoW, bows and crossbows use exactly the same arrow ammunition.

Quiver Edit

A quiver is a bag item which holds only arrows. Arrows can be stored in quivers or in bags, however, storing arrows in a quiver increases the rate of fire (all quivers provide a bonus) and automatically keeps same-type arrows loaded into the paper doll ammo slot once an arrow is first equipped. One quiver takes up one bag slot.

Quivers are mostly useful to hunters, who burn through substantial quantities of ammo, and whose Auto Shot ability receives the full benefit of the increased rate of fire. Rogues and warriors will probably prefer to use bag space to hold small quantities of ammo. They do not benefit from the increased rate of fire very much; although the cooldown on Shoot is reduced, most non-hunters only shoot one arrow to pull. They also do not go through nearly as many arrows as a hunter does.

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