Bullets are ammo for Guns. Better bullets have better DPS bonuses. Pellets, Pebbles, Shells, Shot, and Slugs are all types of bullets. Stacks are sold with 200 bullets, but may stack up to 1000.

Bows and crossbows use arrows.

Bullet Level DPS Price Source
[Light Shot] 1 +1.5 10c Vendor
[Flash Pellet] 6 +2.0 Quest reward from Horde Crest [6] Sharing the Land
[Crafted Light Shot] 5 +2.0 Crafted by Engineers with 1 skill
[Heavy Shot] 10 +3.5 50c Vendor
[Smooth Pebble] 13 +4.0 Drops in Gnomeregan and Darkshore
[Crafted Heavy Shot] 15 +4.5 Crafted by Engineers with 75 skill
[Solid Shot] 25 +7.5 3s Vendor
[Crafted Solid Shot] 30 +8.5 Crafted by Engineers with 125 skill
[Exploding Shot] 35 +9.5 Quest reward from Neutral [35] Stealing Supplies
[Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs] 37 +12.5 Crafted by Engineers with 210 skill
[Accurate Slugs] 40 +13.0 10s Vendor
[Mithril Gyro-Shot] 44 +15.0 Crafted by Engineers with 245 skill
[Ice Threaded Bullet] 51 +16.5 60s Alterac Valley Quartermasters - Requires Honored reputation
[Thorium Shells] 52 +17.5 Crafted by Engineers with 285 skill
[Rockshard Pellets] 47 +18.0 Drops from Lord Roccor in Blackrock Depths
[Miniature Cannon Balls] 56 +20.5 Drops from Cannon Master Willey in Stratholme
[Impact Shot] 55 +22.0 16s Vendor
[Fel Iron Shells] 57 +26.0 Bc icon.gif Crafted by Engineers with 310 skill
[Ironbite Shell] 65 +32.0 30s Bc icon.gif Vendor
[Halaani Grimshot] 66 +34.0 50s Bc icon.gif Sold in Halaa if your faction is controlling the town
[Felbane Slugs] 68 +37.0 50s Bc icon.gif Requires Revered reputation with Honor Hold
[Hellfire Shot] 68 +37.0 50s Bc icon.gif Requires Revered reputation with Thrallmar
[Adamantite Shells] 62 +43.0 Bc icon.gif Crafted by Engineers with 335 skill
[Mysterious Shell] 70 +46.5 1g Bc icon.gif Vendor at Deadwind Pass/Shattrath City - Requires Revered reputation with Violet Eye
[Timeless Shell] 70 +53.0 2g Bc icon.gif Vendor at Caverns of Time/Shattrath City - Requires Honored reputation with The Scale of the Sands
[Mammoth Cutters] 72 +67.5 Wrath-Logo-Small.PNG Created by [Ultrasafe Bullet Machine] crafted by Engineers with 415 skill
[Frostbite Bullets] 75 +46.5 30s Wrath-Logo-Small.PNG Vendor
  • All prices are base prices (before reputation discount) per stack of 200.

Patch changesEdit

Patch 3.1.0 (2009-04-14): All types of gun and bow ammunition now stack to 1000.

Up from 200.

After patch 3.1.0Edit

There are plans to replace the current mechanic of mandatory per-shot consumable ammunition with "some new functionality that would continue to make ammunition a compelling element of game-play".[1] The effect this will have on existing ammunition bags is not yet known.

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