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Capital cities are typically the main headquarters of each race. They are the largest cities of each race, where their leaders reside.

Major capitalsEdit

These are large cities that serve as the main cultural, political, and economical center of each of the playable races. Shattrath City and Dalaran are not the capital of any of the playable races, but might be considered the capital of the united forced opposing the Burning Legion in Outland and Scourge in Northrend.

Capital Race Region
Horde Orgrimmar Orc, Troll Durotar, Kalimdor
Horde The Undercity Forsaken Tirisfal Glades, Eastern Kingdoms
Horde Thunder Bluff Tauren Mulgore, Kalimdor
Horde Silvermoon City Bc icon.gif Blood elf Eversong Woods, Eastern Kingdoms
Alliance Stormwind City Human Elwynn Forest, Eastern Kingdoms
Alliance Ironforge Dwarf, Gnome Dun Morogh, Eastern Kingdoms
Alliance Darnassus Night elf Teldrassil, Kalimdor
Alliance The Exodar Bc icon.gif Draenei Azuremyst Isle, Kalimdor
Neutral 15.gif Dalaran Wrath-Logo-Small.PNG Neutral Crystalsong Forest, Northrend
Neutral 15.gif Shattrath City Bc icon.gif Neutral Terokkar Forest, Outland

Former capitalsEdit

This is a list of cities that once were the capitals of a certain race or faction. The factions, races, and location names are listed to reflect the capital's situation at the time of its "golden age". Also, some factions might not have a template to mark them, as they were formed before the days of the Alliance and Horde. Factions marked with a * were hostile to all playable races. If they are still inhabited by a sizable amount of their original residents, they are not on this list, but in the next one.

Capital Region Affiliation Race
Alterac City Alterac Mountains HordeAlliance Kingdom of Alterac Human
Bleeding Hollow Village Bc icon.gif Terokkar Forest Horde Bleeding Hollow clan Orc
Bonechewer Village Bc icon.gif Terokkar Forest Horde Bonechewer clan Orc
Burning Blade Village Bc icon.gif Nagrand Horde Burning Blade clan Orc
City of Lordaeron Tirisfal Glades Alliance Kingdom of Lordaeron Human
Echo Isles The Barrens Horde Darkspear tribe Jungle troll
Gnomeregan Dun Morogh Alliance Gnomeregan Gnome
Grim Batol Grim Batol Alliance Wildhammer clan Dwarf
Laughing Skull Village Bc icon.gif Nagrand Horde Laughing Skull clan Orc
Razorfen Downs The Barrens *Razorfen Tribe Quilboar
Strom Arathi Highlands Alliance Kingdom of Arathor Human
Thaurissan Redridge Mountains *Dark Iron clan Dwarf
Thunderlord Stronghold Bc icon.gif Blade's Edge Mountains Horde Thunderlord clan Orc
Zin-Azshari Kalimdor Highborne, Night elf Night Elf

Minor capitalsEdit

This is a list of minor capitals of factions with a measured reputation or have their home in an instance. If a ^ is marked before a faction or race name, they were the original residents of the city. All information here is current.

Capital Region Faction Race
Abyssal Maw Elemental Plane *Old Gods Water elemental
Aerie Peak The Hinterlands Alliance Wildhammer clan Dwarf
Ahn'Qiraj Silithus *Kingdom of Ahn'Qiraj Qiraji, Silithid
Angerfang Encampment Wetlands *Dragonmaw clan of Azeroth Orc
Azjol-Nerub The Dragonblight *Kingdom of Azjol'Nerub Nerubian
Boralus Kul Tiras Alliance Kul Tiras Human
Cenarion Refuge Zangarmarsh Neutral 15.gif Cenarion Circle Night elf, Tauren
Dalaran former Alterac Mountains Neutral 15.gif Kirin Tor Human
Deephome Elemental Plane *Old Gods Earth elemental
Dragonmaw Fortress Bc icon.gif Shadowmoon Valley *Dragonmaw clan of Outland Fel orc
Firelands Elemental Plane *Old Gods Fire elemental
Frostwolf Village Alterac Mountains Horde Frostwolf clan Orc
Garadar Nagrand Neutral 15.gif Mag'har Orc
Gadgetzan Tanaris Neutral 15.gif Steamwheedle Cartel Goblin
Gilneas Gilneas Neutral 15.gif Kingdom of Gilneas Human
Goldshire Elwynn Forest Alliance Alliance Human
Gundrak Zul'Drak *Drakkari Empire Ice troll
Hellfire Citadel Hellfire Peninsula *Fel Horde Fel orc
Hordemar Blackrock Spire *Dark Horde, *Black dragonflight, *Smolderthorn tribe, *Spirestone clan Orc, Dragonkin, Forest troll, Ogre
Icecrown Citadel Wrath-Logo-Small.PNG Icecrown Glacier *The Scourge The Undead, Lich, Nerubian
Mak'aru The Maelstrom *Makrura Makrura
Mok'Nathal Village Bc icon.gif Blade's Edge Mountains Horde Mok'Nathal clan Mok'Nathal
Nazjatar The Maelstrom *Naga, *Old Gods Naga
Nighthaven Moonglade Neutral 15.gif Cenarion Circle, Neutral 15.gifAlliance Cenarius's children Night elf^, Tauren, Dryad, Cenarius's children
Razorfen Kraul The Barrens *Razorfen Tribe, *Death's Head Quilboar
Revantusk Village The Hinterlands Horde Revantusk tribe Forest troll
Sen'jin Village Durotar Horde Darkspear tribe Jungle troll
Shadowforge City Blackrock Depths *Dark Iron clan, *Old God Dwarf, Fire elemental
Shrine of Ula-Tek Bc icon.gif Zul'Aman *Amani Empire Forest troll
Skettis Bc icon.gif Terokkar Forest *Skettis Arakkoa
Skywall Elemental Plane *Old Gods Air elemental
Sporeggar Bc icon.gif Zangarmarsh Neutral 15.gif Sporeggar Sporeling
Allerian Stronghold Bc icon.gif Terokkar Forest Alliance Silvermoon Remnant High elf
Stromgarde Arathi Highlands Alliance Kingdom of Stromgarde^, *Syndicate, *Boulderfist clan, *Witherbark tribe Human^, Ogre, Forest troll
Theramore Isle Dustwallow Marsh Alliance Kingdom of Theramore Human, Dwarf, High elf
Timbermaw Hold Felwood, Azshara Neutral 15.gif Timbermaw Hold Furbolg
Undermine Isle of Kezan *Neutral 15.gif Trade Princes, *Venture Co., Neutral 15.gif Steamwheedle Cartel Goblin, Hobgoblin
Zuldazar Zandalar *Neutral 15.gifHorde All Troll tribes Troll
Zul'Farrak Tanaris *Sandfury tribe Sandfury troll
Zul'Gurub Stranglethorn Vale *Gurubashi Empire^, *Hakkari Jungle troll^
Zeth'Gor Bc icon.gif Hellfire Peninsula *Bleeding Hollow clan of Outland Fel orc
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