Casual raiding is a term used to describe a guild, guild alliance, or raiding organization that places focus on exploring raid content without a driving focus on raid progression. This term is contrasted by hardcore raiding, which is for more serious raiders who just want to get through dungeons quickly rather than do a section at a time.

Additional notes:

  • Casual raiding a is relatively new term to the MMORPG game genre.

Pros of casual raidingEdit

  • Offers access to raid content without serious time commitments.
  • Raid interaction tends to be more friendly and open to newer players.
  • Often times fewer loot restrictions than hardcore raiding.

Cons of casual raidingEdit

  • It is much more slower raid progression-wise than hardcore raiding.
  • Class balance tends to be less stable since there are fewer restrictions.
  • Loot distribution is far more random than in hardcore raiding and is less rewarding to more dedicated players.

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