Cauldrons are an item that can be created by someone in the alchemy profession. The created cauldron is placed in the alchemist's inventory much like a repair bot from engineering. Thus, it can be used in the future at any time. When Cauldrons are used, a ground object is created that can be clicked on by members of a raid to receive a corresponding potion. Cauldron recipes can only be obtained through alchemy discoveries and currently only create Major Protection potions for the various magical schools (excluding Holy). All cauldrons can be used a maximum of 25 times and have a 5 minute duration.

Potions received from cauldrons disappear if players are logged out for more than 15 minutes, similar to conjured food or water. Potions created from a Cauldron have two additional limitations: Unique and Bind on Pickup.

All cauldrons currently use similar reagents: 7x [Mana Thistle], 1x [Fel Iron Casing], and 2 of a corresponding Primal item (e.g., 2x [Primal Mana] for [Cauldron of Major Arcane Protection], or 2x [Primal Shadow] for [Cauldron of Major Shadow Protection]). The ingredients for a Cauldron (with 25 uses) are comparable to making 10 ordinary Major Protection potions.

When you create a cauldron, the cauldron will appear in your bags. To use just right click on it, the cauldron will appear on the ground before you. It has 25 potions in it. For unknown reasons, each raid member can only get one (1) potion from the cauldron, even the one who made it, so that means, this is wasted on a 5 or 10 man raid. Also you are not able to make the cauldron and farm all 25 potions to sell, which you couldn't do anyway since the potions are considered conjured items and disappear after 15 minutes being logged out.

As far as discovering the Cauldrons, I discovered them within the first 2 or 3 tries of making the MAJOR PROTECTION potion of that school. I have discovered three cauldrons as of 3/29/08. the discovery of the cauldrons has been the easy part, farming the MAJOR PROTECTION potion recipes is the hard part with the very low drop rates.

Current Cauldron Recipes Edit