Char info window

Paper doll tab of the Character Info frame.

Character Info frame (sometimes called "character sheet") displays information about the player's character. A window that by default shows the character's name, level, race, class, guild (if a member), equipped items, paper doll, resistances, and attributes. The character info window is usually accessed via the default "C" key binding.

Tabs Edit

In addition to the character info, the window also gives access to other info panes via the following tabs:

Tab nameDisplays informationHotkey*
CharacterCharacter information, paper doll, slots, resistances, and stats frame.C
PetsCombat pet (Hunter and Warlock only), mount, and companion (non-combat small pet) informationShift-P
ReputationShows reputation points and level within encountered factions.U
SkillsShows skill points and maximum for all skills and professions.K
CurrencyShows counts of various currencies and and tokens including Honor points and Arena points information.
* English WoW default.

Close Box Edit

Located at the extreme top-right of the window, this button (Xbutton) closes the window. It basically follows the MS Windows UI convention, since on the Mac OS the equivalent UI button is at the top-left (red marble in OS X).

Model Rotate Buttons Edit

Just to the top-left of the 3D character preview figure, these buttons rotate the preview counter-clockwise and clockwise.

Character tab Edit

The character tab (default tab selected when window opened) contains the following areas:

  • Character's portrait (upper left corner) and model (upper insert).
  • Character's Name, Level, Race, Class, Guild, Title information (upper center).
  • Paper doll 3D representation of the character with currently equipped items
  • Resistances, responsible for mitigating magic damage taken.
  • 2 stat column areas.
  • Equipment slots. Hovering over the item icons allows you to view the items' stats.

Stat areas Edit

Besides the basic character info, paper doll, slots and resistances, the character info window shows two alterable column areas of stat information. Each column can show one of the following sets of stats:

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