A civilian (aka civies or civs) was a type of NPC that would garner a Dishonorable Kill ("DK") if killed during PvP combat. The civilian status would appear in their description when the pointer was moved over them.

Many complaints had been raised since their existence due to the fact that it almost completely destroyed town/city raiding; one Dishonorable Kill could destroy weeks of work for a high ranked players. However, it has been announced that in patch 1.12, World PvP objectives will be released.

They were added to the game by Blizzard in an effort to stop high level players camping quest NPCs or vendors without penalty, as this could become a major source of grief for lower level players on older servers.


  • Patch 2.0 - Removed from game
From Patch 2.0 Honor System Changes at the official site:
How will dishonorable kills factor in to the new honor system?
Although this is subject to change, we are not currently planning to have dishonorable kills play any role in the honor system. The NPCs around the world will no longer be set as civilians, so killing them will not impact your ability to obtain honor points.
  • Patch 1.5.0 - Added to the game.
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