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Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King.
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Please be aware, there is currently no Beta or beta sign-ups going on for the next World of Warcraft Expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. Should a Beta phase begin, we will post a notice on the official website.
As always, please be careful about giving out account information or passwords.

The Burning Crusade Edit

Bc icon This section concerns content exclusive to The Burning Crusade.

Starting late September of 2006, Blizzard started signing up Closed Beta Test testers for the first expansion, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, from different playing areas. The plan was to introduce additional players to the beta test in subsequent waves, thus people that didn't make it in the starting lineup still had a chance at a Burning Crusade beta spot prior to launch. [1]

The Closed Beta started in early October 2006. They were split into two servers:

  1. Hellfire (PvE)
  2. Blade's Edge (PvP)

There was no open beta.

World of Warcraft Edit

WoW Icon 16x16 Starting before March of 2004, Blizzard started signing up Closed Beta Test testers from an unknown pool of people using an undisclosed method of selection. The Closed Beta Trial ran for about 7 months ending in more widely available Beta Stress Test and then an Open Beta Trial before final release around the end of November 2004.

The "Closed Beta" was the first phase of Blizzard's Stress Test. There were three servers and virtually no lag existed. This closed beta is also known as the "First Stress Test". The servers were split up into the following:

  1. PvE Server (Original Closed Beta Server)
  2. PvP Server (Added near the end of Closed Beta)
  3. Beta Server 1

From Frequently Asked Questions — Beta:

Frequently Asked Questions Edit

Closed Beta Edit

Will you guys be beta testing World of Warcraft, and how do I sign up? Edit
The World of Warcraft Closed Beta test officially began on March 19, 2004. The signup period has ended for the Closed Beta; however, we will be conducting an Open Beta test later this year. Please stay tuned to or [ for the latest details regarding the Open Beta test.
Will there be beta tests in other countries for World of Warcraft? Edit
Yes. There will be additional beta tests for certain languages in Europe and some additional languages in the Asia-Pacific regions.
When are these likely to occur? Edit
Once we have established a stable environment for our current beta test countries, we will be able to better determine when we can extend the test to other regions.
Will there be closed and open beta tests? Edit
How many beta testers will be involved in each beta test? Edit
Approximately 10,000 testers will be invited from each region in which we will be conducting a beta test.
Why will these beta tests happen after Korea and North America? Edit
World of Warcraft requires both a complex server infrastructure and local GM/support staff to provide the excellent customer service and unparalleled gameplay experience that we intend to deliver. In order to meet these goals, we are taking a very thorough and measured approach to the beta. Our plan for the initial beta test is to resolve any challenges we face prior to extending the beta test to other countries.
When will gamers in countries in which there is no beta test be able to play World of Warcraft? Edit
We would like to deliver World of Warcraft as soon as we can to as many players as possible. However, until the final stages of the current beta-testing process, we will be unable to determine where or when we will be conducting additional beta tests, or when the game will launch in other regions around the world. Once the testing is complete and we have determined when the game will be available in the different regions, we will make that information public.
Will lag still be a problem for gamers in countries not operating with a dedicated server? Edit
World of Warcraft is as much a service as it is a game, so in addition to servers, we need to provide high-quality support for players in every region in which the game will be available. As such, we won't launch the game in a region without first making sure everything is in place to support our service there, including reliable server connections, customer support, and GMs.
Can you tell us more about the beta? Will there be different phases? Will there be an open beta? Edit
Similarly to how we've conducted beta tests in the past, we will gradually open up the beta to more and more testers in order to gauge server stability and connectivity. While we don't know what the total number of beta testers will be yet, this will by far be our largest beta test ever.
Why is Blizzard only accepting beta test applications from U.S. & Canadian residents? Edit
Due to multiple time zones and language differences, we have decided to limit the beta test application participants to the United States and Canada.
I'm in Puerto Rico, is that considered a part of the U.S. for the beta? Edit
Yes, people in Puerto Rico are eligible to signup and participate in the U.S. beta.
I'm in the U.S. Military and may be traveling/stationed abroad during the beta test. Can I still participate? Edit
Yes, anyone with a valid U.S. address is eligible -. APO/FPO addresses will be accepted.
Will there be a Mac version of the beta available? Edit
What are the system requirements for the World of Warcraft® beta? Edit
NOTE: World of Warcraft has NOT yet been optimized for many hardware configurations. The system requirements are expected to be lower for the final shipping version of the game, specifically in regards to processor speed and video card memory requirements. The system specifications listed below are for the World of Warcraft® beta only. The World of Warcraft® Beta test has the following requirements:
A 56K or higher modem with an internet connection.
Windows® System/OS:
  • 800 Mhz or higher CPU.
  • 256 Megabytes or more of RAM.
  • Geforce 2 Graphics Card or better.
  • 3 Gigabytes or more of available hard drive space.
  • DirectX® 9.0 or above.
Mac® System/OS:
  • 1.0 GHz or higher, G4 or G5 processor.
  • 512 Megabytes RAM or higher. DDR RAM recommended.
  • ATI or NVIDIA video hardware with 64 MB VRAM or more.
  • 3 Gigabytes or more of available hard drive space.
  • MacOS X 10.3 ("Panther") or better
How are beta testers chosen? Edit
Beta testers are chosen according to their system specs, location, and other factors. Qualified beta testers will mostly be selected randomly. Our goal is to have a good variety of system types and locations to best test compatibility.
I was selected as a beta tester, but I never received my copy! What can I do? Edit
Unfortunately, we cannot resend beta discs or track lost beta discs. There will be no exceptions. Generally, if a selected tester doesn't receive their copy, it's because we don't have the proper address listed for that person. It is very important that you double-check your address before submitting your application.
How long will the beta test last? Edit
Historically, beta tests last approximately 2-3 months. Due to the depth and magnitude of the World of Warcraft beta, we expect the beta test to last at least this long. We will notify participants when the beta test is nearing completion.
Will the beta have a CD-Key? Edit
What if I did not receive a CD-Key or if I have misplaced it? Edit
We are unable to provide additional CD-Keys for this Beta for any reason (whether lost, stolen, or never received one in the first place). For this reason, please be very careful with your CD-Key, do not hand this out to anyone for any reason. Please note that Blizzard Entertainment employees will never ask you for this information.

End of Closed Beta Test - Nebu on 10/28/04 Edit

The closed beta test is coming to an end. This Friday, October 29, at 3:00 PM PDT, the closed beta servers will go offline as we prepare to run another stress test. All active closed-beta accounts will remain active, and closed-beta testers will be receiving an email with instructions on what to do to continue playing in the stress test.
We will post more information about the stress test in the days ahead, so please stay tuned to
We also want to take this opportunity to thank the closed beta testers for their months of dedicated testing and hard work. Thanks to all of your suggestions and bug reports, World of Warcraft is closer than ever to being ready for launch!
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