Crossbows are long-ranged weapons; a type of Bow that uses a mechanically compressed and held bowstring. They tend to fire slower than bows, but cause more damage on a hit. They are similar to bows and guns in use; all three use the shooting skill and related hunter skills. Character stats are applied the same way for each type, although the item stats will be different for each type.

The slow attack speed is much preferred by most hunters who specialize in Aimed Shot, or a heavily Beast Mastery specced hunter (due to talents like Serpent's Swiftness).

Acquiring and Upgrading Edit

Unlike Guns, players cannot craft crossbows. Crossbows must be bought, looted or earned from quests. The availability of crossbows is more limited than the availability of bows and guns in WoW. Draenei Hunters may want bow or gun training as soon as they can get it to remedy this lack of availability.

Training Edit

Draenei Hunters start with the Crossbow skill. All other Hunters, Rogues and Warriors can learn the Crossbow skill from some trainers (see weapon trainers for details). (The Rogues and Warriors then 'shoot' rather than 'throw'.)

Ammo Edit

Crossbows use Arrows as ammunition, which can be found on any General Goods Vendors (quality will vary) or Bowyer Vendor in packs of 200 arrows. Five packs takes one inventory slot(change from 200 to 1000 arrows in each stack in patch 3.1). Crossbows are capable of using different types of arrows which will affect the crossbow's damage output. In WoW, crossbows and bows use exactly the same arrow ammunition.

Quiver Edit

A quiver is a bag item which holds only arrows. You can store arrows in quivers or in your bags. One quiver takes up one bag slot. Prior to patch 3.1, using a quiver increased your rate of fire, however it now has no effect on your rate of fire. With the increased stack sizes for ammo introduced in patch 3.1, even hunters are better off just storing ammo in a few general bag slots.

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