General LoreEdit

Daggers come only in one-handed edged weapon varieties, usually in the form of a short, narrow blade with a short handle or hilt. Some daggers have an edge on one primary side, some have curved blades, but all generally rely on the ability to stab an opponent with only occasional slashing attacks. All classes except for paladins can use daggers.

They can be enhanced by poisons by Rogues.
They can be enhanced by sharpening stones.
They cannot be enhanced by weightstones.

Dagger trainers Edit

The ability to wield daggers can be trained from the following weapon masters:

Alliance 15 Alliance

Horde 15 Horde

Daggers CategoriesEdit

In general, there are spell-based daggers and melee based daggers and they are quite different.

Spell Based Daggers a.k.a. Caster DaggersEdit

Hypnotic Blade

Hypnotic Blade model

Some notable pre-TBC caster daggers are listed below. Players at level 34 may use [Hypnotic Blade], which is exactly a caster dagger.

Melee DaggersEdit

Daggers are used by several different melee damage dealing classes, especially rogues. Many rogue skills require that a dagger must be held in the main hand. We categorized most famous dagger used by rogue into:

  1. Rogues 1~60 most used daggers:
  2. 60 Rogues most used blue daggers:
  3. Daggers desired for rogues in raids:
  4. There are also some non-raid epic daggers, some are world drops, some are pvp rewards, etc.:

Table below show a list of each group:

1 2 3 4

Dagger SelectionEdit

It's not unusual for a Rogue to be using a slow weapon in the main hand, and a quick weapon in the off-hand. This is why some Rogues go as a Swashbuckling/Fencing style and use a sword in the main hand and a dagger in the off-hand.

What is the reason for this? Poison procs will trigger more often with your off-hand, and won't mess with the DPS of Sinister Strikes, Eviscerate etc abilities, however the Rogue will not be able to Backstab, Mutilate or Ambush their prey, reducing burst dps.

Data of daggersEdit

Some famous daggers

  • Fastest daggers vs slowest daggers (mainly melee)
Speed 2.0 Speed 1.9 Speed 1.4 Speed 1.3
[High Warlord's Razor] [Fang of the Faceless] [Shadowblade] [Alcor's Sunrazor]
[Grand Marshal's Dirk] [Qiraji Sacrificial Dagger] [Bonescraper] [Distracting Dagger]
[Barman Shanker] [Crystal Tipped Stiletto] [Frightalon] [Finkle's Skinner]
[Talon of Vultros] [Widowmaker] [Hookfang Shanker] [Julie's Dagger]
[Broad Bladed Knife] [Toxic Revenger] [Stealthblade] [Vendetta]
[Flesh Piercer] [Assassin's Blade] [Howling Blade] [Bite of Serra'kis]
  • Rogue effort-worthy daggers
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