Damage over Time, generally abbreviated as DoT and or simply dot, refers to inflicting some damage on one's foe which will be applied at a regular interval for a limited duration. Typically in World of Warcraft, the damage is applied every X seconds, where X varies from one DoT to the next. A DoT may be applied using a variety of methods — from a spell, a trap, a weapon, a poison, or some other form. Most DoTs are target specific, but some are also used as Area of Effect (AoE) attacks.

The Warlock is the most well-known class for using DoT type attacks with their spells, probably followed by the Rogue who can either use poisons or inflict lasting wounds with their special attacks.

See also: Area of Effect, Buff, DD, Debuff, Healing, HoT, Utility.



  • Most spell-based or poison-based DoTs can be cured by potions or spells.
  • Most methods of Crowd Control are broken if the target has a DoT on them.


  • Rogues and Cat Form druids who stealth while a DoT is still on them will come out of stealth when the next tick of damage is inflicted.
  • First Aid will be interrupted by a DoT.


  • This term is often referred to as periodic damage by Blizzard.