Dispel refers to the general game mechanic of removing Buffs and Debuffs. All of these effects belong to a Dispel Type. Most dispel abilities remove effects from a specific dispel type, but in some cases they remove depending on a specific mechanic (for example, Luffa removes bleed effects).

For a list of dispel abilities for specific dispel types, see Curse, Disease, Magic, Poison, and Typeless.


Dispels can be resisted. In fact, there are two different types of resists:

Normal resists do only exist for offensive dispels and follow the same rule as any other spell. When a dispel is normally resisted, it does not remove any buffs.

Fails are treated differently. They are calculated per buff and can also occur when dispelling friendly targets. There is an innate chance that this happens (however, this might be a bug). In addition, dispel resistance can be used to increase the chance, such as from Silent Resolve. Due to fails being calculated separately for each buff, a dispel which would remove two buffs could eliminate one buff while retaining the other. On spell hit procs are not affected by fails. As such, a Dispel Magic (rank 2) can trigger a proc even though it fails at removing both buffs.

List of Player Abilities with the Dispel MechanicEdit

Note: Currently, all Poison, Disease, and Curse removing effects can only be cast on friendly targets. For Magic removing effects, the possible targets are mentioned explicitly.