Edged is a term having to do with weapons having a sharpened metal edge.

More specifically, this refers to the following melee weapon classes:

  • Daggers
  • One Handed Swords
  • One Handed Axes
  • Two Handed Swords
  • Two Handed Axes
  • Polearms

These weapons can all be enhanced by the Blacksmith crafted Sharpening Stones, which give a 30 minute increased damage buff (varies by quality of raw stone used).

The following are NOT Edged weapons:

  • One Handed Maces
  • Two Handed Maces
  • Staves
  • Fist Weapons

These can be enhanced with the Blacksmith crafted Weightstones instead.

Ranged weapons cannot be enhanced in this way, but can be equipped with scopes.

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