GTG is an acronym for "Good to Go" or "Got to Go", typically used to indicate urgency when recruiting for a group.

Examples for "Good to Go":

  • "LF2M ZF need tank healer GTG"
  • "LF1M ULDA then GTG"

Examples for "Got to go":

  • "Sorry, dinner's on the table, I GTG"

- Get The Gold - - GTG is an acronym for "Get the Gold". A project taken on by WOW players initially on 11/24/2007 as a bet to each other. The term S"omeone is GTG" implies that the character is getting the gold by any means. - - This can involve. - :Farming - :Running - :Scamming - :Gathering - - The initial players who started GTG have reported a record net earnings of 25,000 gold in a week for one player in the group. He is known only by his handle, Layiala.

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