The term gank has several meanings:

  • When an overwhelmingly large or more powerful group or party kills you and/or your group. Commonly used as a verb. "A 60 Hordie ganked me." or "Alliance players are ganking lowbies." Related term: PKer.
  • Where a single player purposely attacks a player of the opposing faction who is of substantially lower level.
  • When a single player attacks a player of equal or lesser level who is in the middle of a fight with something else and is handicapped by that fight and unable to deal with the ganking enemy.
  • A Gank setup is also used for all-out attack with little consideration to defense, i.e., pure Strength and Attack Power boosting to ensure maximum DPS.
  • The most common ganking class out there is the Rogue, with stealth, and high burst DPS. It's what you should expect to be hiding behind that tree in "Ganklethorn Vale" if you're on any sort of PvP server.
  • Some of the most common ganking spots on PvP servers are Hillsbrad Foothills and Stranglethorn Vale. Hillsbrad Foothills is home to the infamous Darrow Hill, more commonly known as the "Yeti Cave", where countless level 20-30 players trying to complete quests are ravaged by roaming 50-80s. For Stranglethorn Vale the entire place could be a danger to anyone doing their quests, as usually level 80s roam the place, preying on low leveled characters.

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