Group buffs are a mana- and time-efficient means to distribute buff spells. Usually group buffs have a longer duration than the spell that they distribute. They almost always require a reagent.

Distribution occurs as a group buff is cast on a target; characters that are "similar" to the target will also get the buff. Similarity depends on whether the spell is a party buff or a greater blessing.

Party buff Edit

Party buffs follow these rules when cast:

  1. The spell target must be friendly, in line of sight, and in range of the caster.
  2. If the target is flagged PvP, the caster becomes flagged.
  3. The target gains the buff.
  4. Group buff splash - With some exceptions, all characters in the target's party that are within his spell range, including pets, also gain the buff. This effect is not limited by line of sight. As a result, the caster can buff people at double the spell range.

† Characters will be excluded from the group buff splash if they are lower than the spell's trained level, or are flagged PvP when the caster is not. Exclusion by PvP status disrupts raid preparation; typically, the raid will wait for flags to expire, or order the buffing classes to become flagged themselves.

Greater blessing Edit

Greater blessings from paladins define similarity as "same character class in a group (party or raid)". Their behavior is the same as party buffs - merely the recipients differ. They permit a paladin to provide all rogues with Greater Blessing of Might, or all warlocks with Greater Blessing of Salvation.

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