Part of the Honor System. You can gain HKs by killing an opposing-faction player or certain NPCs that are near or above your level (level number is not gray). The amount of HKs you get doesn't necessarily affect your Rank. The amount of honor you gain is based mainly on four factors: 1) your target's level; 2) your target's PvP rank; 3) your PvP rank; and 4) your level.

What is an honorable kill?Edit

An honorable kill occurs when a player takes part in the killing of an appropriate player or NPC in the player's level range. The color system for players works the same as it does for monsters. Grey level players will not yield an honorable kill.

Also, only specific NPC's will yield honorable kills. These are special target NPC's that are extremely difficult for players to attack, as they are some of the main leaders of each player faction. Defeating these NPC's will require a large force of players.

You don't have to deal a killing blow to get an honorable kill; as long as your target dies within 1 minute from the moment you deal damage to it, you will get credit, and so will your group members as long as they were within certain range from you. All group members get equal number of Honorable Kills and equal amounts of Honor, regardless of their role; for example, Priests will receive credit for kills made by Warriors and Mages from their groups. A common misconception exists that claims a Killing Blow will yeild more honour(honor) than normal Honourable kills and give reputation to the alliance factions. However, this is not the case and Killing Blows do not give any additional benefits.

Abbreviation: HK

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