Ignore List

A subpane of the Friends List, the Ignore List is part of the Socials window and accessible from an upper tab in the Friends List pane. Also called the "Ignore pane".

Ignore tab Edit

Most of the Ignore pane consist of the list of names of Ignored players.

At the bottom, the pane has 2 buttons:

  1. Ignore Player
  2. Remove Player

The other panes accessible from the Ignore List window:

Ignore Player Edit

This button brings up a box where you can type in the player's name you want to ignore or you can shift-click the person's name from the chat window to add it to the box. Clicking the Accept button will add the name to your ignore list. Clicking the Cancel button will close the box without changing your ignore list. You can ignore up to 25 players.

Remove Player Edit

This button removes the selected player's name from your ignore list. Eqivalent of unignore, but applies only to selected names in ignore list.

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