Insignia can refer to several different concepts or items in World of Warcraft:

  1. In PvP Battlegrounds, you can right-click on an enemies corpse to "remove their insignia". This will give you and your party a negligible amount of copper or silver, and prevent that player from being able to resurrect at their body.
  2. A trinket, available at starting at honor Rank 2 (Corporal or Grunt), called either [Insignia of the Alliance] or [Insignia of the Horde] based on your faction.
    • As you improve in Honor rank, you can get better insignias with various powers from quests or vendors depending on what battleground you get them from.
    • See: Faction Insignia for more information.
  3. The [Stormpike Insignia] and [Frostwolf Insignia], both trinket rewards from Alterac Valley.
  4. Various quest items:
  5. Various quest rewards, usually in the form of a trinket. Many come from PvP quests in battlegrounds mentioned above.
  6. An uncommon type of armor (usually leather), usually requiring a level from the high 20s to low 30s.
    [Insignia Belt], [Insignia Boots], [Insignia Bracers], [Insignia Buckler], [Insignia Cap], [Insignia Chestguard], [Insignia Cloak], [Insignia Gloves], [Insignia Leggings], [Insignia Mantle]
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