Many items have a base item name followed by a suffix. The suffixes are similar to the item naming convention used in other Blizzard games such as Diablo and Diablo II. The suffix will always start with the word "of" followed by a few words that indicate quickly to the player what enhancements an item will give. How much enhancement an item gives is closely tied to the item quality and item level. Some "of" suffixes are used to indicate the item is part of a set or it is just part of the name.

For the most part, animal and attribute suffixes are seen most commonly. Resistance and Wrath drop less commonly, and the miscellaneous ones drop the least often.

Items of this type are normally uncommon (greens), although rare (blue) and epic (purple) ones exist. On item database website (like Wowhead), most of these items are listed with their base name (for example, Slatesteel Girdle and the term "<Random enchantment>" to indicate that the actual items have a randomly assigned enhancement matching the suffixes.

Suffixes that increase a single attribute Edit

Items with an "of Attribute" suffix typically have less total attribute enhancement than "of Animal". For example, a "Shortsword of Strength" may have +10 strength, whereas a "Shortsword of the Bear" of comparable level may have +6 strength and +6 stamina.

of Spirit
Increase Spirit when equipped.
of Intellect
Increase Intellect when equipped.
of Strength
Increase Strength when equipped.
of Stamina
Increase Stamina when equipped.
of Agility
Increase Agility when equipped.

Wrath suffixes (spell damage) Edit

These suffixes increase damage for a school of magic or increases healing.

of Frozen Wrath
Increases damage done by Frost spells
of Arcane Wrath
Increases damage done by Arcane spells.
of Fiery Wrath
Increase damage done by Fire spells.
of Nature's Wrath
Increase damage done by Nature spells.
of Healing
Increase healing done by Healing spells.
of Shadow Wrath
Increases damage done by Shadow spells

Resistances Edit

There are some items in the game that increase the chances that a school of magic will be resisted. There are currently no items that increase resistance to holy magic, though there are potions available that can absorb holy magic damage. Often suffix items "of X resistance" have some of the highest resistances available, and are useful for difficult resistances like Arcane or Frost, but are nearly impossible to farm.

of Fire Resistance
Increase resistance to Fire spells.
of Nature Resistance
Increase resistance to Nature spells.
of Arcane Resistance
Increase resistance to Arcane spells.
of Frost Resistance
Increase resistance to Frost spells.
of Shadow Resistance
Increase resistance to Shadow spells.

The following newer versions were introduced with the Burning Crusade. They are only available for characters 57+ as drops in Outland, but are significantly superior to the older resistance greens, and in many cases better than the best resist gear blues or purples that previously existed.

of Fire Protection
Increase stamina and resistance to Fire spells.
of Nature Protection
Increase stamina and resistance to Nature spells.
of Arcane Protection
Increase stamina and resistance to Arcane spells.
of Frost Protection
Increase stamina and resistance to Frost spells.
of Shadow Protection
Increase stamina and resistance to Shadow spells.

Animal name suffixes Edit

These are commonly found suffixes that indicate an item increases two attribute stats as shown in the tables below:

Animal suffixStrengthAgilityStaminaIntellectSpirit
Of the Bear
Of the Boar
Of the Eagle
Of the Falcon
Of the Gorilla
Of the Monkey
Of the Owl
Of the Tiger
Of the Whale
Of the Wolf

Class Preferences

Certain classes, especially when grinding, will have more of these kind of items than uniquely named items. here is a list of what class will prefer. Do not take this list as a pure guide as some classes will prefer certain items for their play style, this only takes into account of leveling PvE builds, especially in classic content. A slash mark denotes a different set of preferred suffixes depending on what talent tree the player levels through.

Death Knight: Bear - Monkey - Tiger

Druid: Eagle - Owl - Whale / Bear - Monkey - Tiger

Hunter: Falcon - Monkey - Tiger

Mage: Eagle - Owl - Whale

Paladin: Eagle / Bear - Gorilla - Monkey - Tiger

Priest: Eagle - Owl - Whale

Rogue: Monkey - Tiger

Shaman: Eagle / Falcon - Monkey - Tiger

Warlock: Eagle - Whale

Warrior: Bear - Monkey - Tiger

Abyssal Suffixes Edit

These only appear on Abyssal items, dropped from members of the Abyssal Council in Silithus.

of Striking
Increases Strength, Agility, and Stamina.
of Sorcery
Increases Stamina, Intellect, and spell damage.
of Regeneration
Increases Stamina, spell healing, and mana regeneration.

Health/Mana Regeneration Edit

of Concentration
Regenerates mana while equipped.
of Regeneration
Regenerates health while equipped.

New in Burning Crusade Bc icon Edit

Modifiers on items have very specific drop rules. The suffixes such as Physician and Prophet will only be found on Cloth gear. Other ones like Hierophant will only drop as Leather gear. Bandit will drop as Leather and Mail gear to facilitate the classes that would most benefit from it. The drop rates are also widely variable. The more standard types such as Beast and Sorcerer will drop quite frequently, while more obscure suffixes like Knight are very rare, and will only drop as Rare quality (Blue) gear.

You will notice that some Suffixes have the same modifiers. These are differentiated by the amount of each stat is available on the piece of gear, based on which stat is emphasized.

NameStrengthAgilityStaminaIntellectSpiritBlockCrit StrikeAttack PowerDefenseSpell CritSpell Dmg/HealMana RegenHealingShadow Dmg
of Blocking
of Battle
of the Ancestor
of the Bandit
of the Beast
of the Champion
of the Crusade
of the Elder
of the Grove
of the Hunt
of the Hierophant
of the Invoker
of the Knight
of the Mind
of the Nightmare
of the Physician
of the Prophet
of the Shadow
of the Soldier
of the Sorcerer
of the Sun
of the Vision
of the Wild

of Blocking
+Block Rating +Strength
of Battle
+Strength +Stamina +Critical Strike Rating
of the Ancestor
+Strength +Critical Strike Rating +Stamina
of the Bandit
+Agility +Stamina +Attack Power
of the Beast
+Strength +Agility +Stamina
of the Champion
+Strength +Stamina +Defense Rating
of the Crusade
+Spell Damage and Healing +Intellect +Defense Rating
of the Elder
+Stamina +Intellect +Mana Regeneration
of the Grove
+Strength +Agility +Stamina
of the Hunt
+Attack Power +Agility +Intellect
of the Hierophant
+Stamina +Spirit +Healing
of the Invoker
+Intellect +Spell Damage and Healing +Spell Critical Strike Rating
of the Knight
+Stamina +Spell Damage and Healing +Defense Rating
of the Mind
+Spell Damage and Healing +Spell Critical Strike Rating +Intellect
of the Nightmare
+Shadow Damage +Stamina +Intellect
of the Physician
+Stamina +Intellect +Healing
of the Prophet
+Intellect +Spirit +Healing
of the Shadow
+Attack Power +Agility +Stamina
of the Soldier
+Strength +Stamina +Critical Strike Rating
of the Sorcerer
+Stamina +Intellect +Spell Damage and Healing
of the Sun
+Spell Damage and Healing +Stamina +Intellect
of the Vision
+Spell Damage and Healing +Intellect +Stamina
of the Wild
+Attack Power +Stamina +Agility

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Of Defense - will add points to the player's maximum defense skill points.
  • Of Healing - will add to healing effects and spells.
  • Of Power - adds to the player's melee and ranged attack power.
  • Of Blocking - Increases the player's blocking power by a percentage and adds some strength as well. Typically found on Shields.
  • Of Marksmanship - Increase in Ranged Attack Power when worn/equipped
  • Of Eluding - Increases agility and dodge rating.
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