Why walk when you can run.

Default Movement Speeds Edit

World of Warcraft incldes two default movement speeds, which can be toggled using the / button:

  1. Walk The character moves at ~1/3 run speed. Confers no other in game effects, and hence only used for roleplaying reasons or precision, such as positioning one's self without falling off a cliff.
  2. Run The character runs, again this confers no other in game effects and hence is more commonly used. Considered the default move speed as all characters are created set to this speed.

Mounts Edit

Various movement increasing mounts are available, starting from level 30. To use a mount you will require the Riding Profession. The required riding profession corresponds to the quality of the mount:

  • Rare land based mounts require 75 (apprentice) riding.
  • Epic land based mounts require 150 (journeyman) riding.
  • Rare flying mounts require 225 (expert) riding.
  • Epic flying mounts require 300 (artisan) riding.

To mount up, you must right click on the mount item in your inventory. Using a mount has a 3 second cast time which can be interrupted as any other cast (eg by moving, or jumping). It will also be canceled if at any time during the cast you enter combat. Dismounting is instant and you return to Run/Walk mode.

Other Means of Increasing Movement Rate Edit

Run and Mounted speeds can be increased using buffs, enchants, and items. See Movement speed effects for a complete list of means increase movement speed.

Decreasing Movement Rate Edit

Run and Mounted speeds can be decreased by attacks and debuffs. See Movement speed effects for a complete list of means to decrease a target's movement speed.

Also, all mobs have a chance when attacking a player from behind to daze that player. This will apply a speed reduction debuff, and more importantly dismount the player if they are mounted.

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