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Naga myrmidon

Basic naga warrior. The myrmidons, with their blue skin and fearsome tridents, are feared by all who dwell near the sea. Of all the naga, they are the most fanatically loyal to Azshara to the point where they no longer bother acknowledging orders – they simply DO them. In Warcraft III, myrmidons emerge from the Spawning Grounds structure. The Naga Myrmidons are former Druids of the Talon. It is unknown if they are bred or cloned in the pool, or whether the pool acts as a portal to warp the myrmidon from some other location.

Statistics from Warcraft IIIEdit

  • 1080 HP
  • 36-60 normal melee damage (fully upgraded)
  • 8 heavy armor (fully upgraded)
  • Abilities
    • Ensnare (throws a net that incapacitates units and brings flying units to the ground)
    • Submerge (this unit goes underwater to escape attackers)


Myrmidons were the devoted follower of the warrior Achilles in Homer's The Illiad. They were the fiercest fighters of the Trojan War. The term has come to mean someone who serves without question, a fitting title for one of Azshara's followers.

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