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Early in the Third War, the northern nation of Lordaeron — sovereignty of the Eastern Kingdoms — was ravaged by the Plague of Undeath, which turned a majority of its citizens into members of the undead and turned the lands into the dreaded Plaguelands (aka The Plaguelands). These undead, now agents of the Scourge, corrupted the land, driving away and killing the entire human presence. A small resistance, led by Prince Arthas and Uther Lightbringer of the Silver Hand, were able to destroy the infected granaries and halt the spread of the Plague.

After the end of the Third War, the Scourge defected from the Burning Legion, while the Forsaken split away from the Scourge, and proceeded to take control of the Tirisfal Glades separating it from the Scourge-controlled Plaguelands.

To this day, the Scourge continues to corrupt the Plaguelands, spreading their Plague of Undeath from strategically placed cauldrons that taint not only the land, but the air and the wildlife as well.

Apart from the Forsaken, other factions also strive to combat the Scourge presence in the Plaguelands, most prominently the Argent Dawn and Scarlet Crusade.

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