The portrait is a small, circular picture of a creature's head.

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Additional notes
  • The character's name and current Health and Mana bars (Energy or Rage bars if rogue,warrior, or Bear Form; Runic Power if Death Knight) appear to the right of their portrait.
    • A small circular Level indicator appears at the bottom-left of the portrait (shows "zzz" if Resting).
    • If your PvP Flag is on, it will appear above the Level indicator.
    • You should always see your character's portrait at the top-left of the screen.
    • Your character's portrait usually matches whatever your character is wearing.
    • A smaller portrait of the character's pet will appear below the character's portrait with name, attribute bars and mood icon to the right, but no level indicator.
  • The portrait of any selected (current target) creature should appear to the right of your character's portrait.
    • The name and current Health and Mana bars (Energy or Rage bars if rogue or warrior) appear to the left of the portrait.
    • The small circular Level indicator appears at the bottom-right. This will display a skull if the selected mob has a level much higher than yours (usually if more than 10 levels above you).
  • Smaller portraits of any Party members should appear below your character's portrait. The party Leader will have a small crown icon at the top-left of the portrait.
    • Small Buff or Debuff icons will appear below party members' attribute bars when the pointer is move over their portrait.
  • A dragon border appears around Elite creatures' portraits.
  • The portrait will flash red if health is very low.
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