Root effects are a form of crowd control that cause the victim to be locked in place and unable to move. Root effects are often known as immobilize effects in-game. A root effect differs from a stun effect in that the target is still able to use abilities, spells or melee/ranged attacks, but cannot move from its location as long as the effect is active.

Examples of abilities that can root opponents:

Additionally, talents such as Frostbite and Improved Hamstring give some abilities the potential to root an opponent.

A rooted mob that has no ranged attacks will be unable to attack its current aggro target. However, if players are standing in melee range, it will attack the player that has the highest threat level. Thus, it is not wise to stand near a rooted mob. Also, it is not wise to root a mob next to a player that has some threat on it, as it might get him killed.

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