SI:7 (aka or part of Stormwind Intelligence) is an Alliance organization.APG 177 It includes rogues specializing in special operations, assassination, and stealth tactics. It is one of the most active organizations in the Alliance.APG 177

The guild is currently led by Master Mathias Shaw, grandson of Pathonia Shaw — the founder of a similar organization, the Stormwind Assassins, and a former master thief. SI:7 is located in the Old Town quarter of Stormwind. They have operatives all throughout the Eastern Kingdoms who carry out secret missions for Stormwind, such as Renzik "The Shiv" and Flint Shadowmore. They also have some operatives in the Kalimdor region, such as Andello Porter.

It is unknown if SI:1-SI:6 even existed, let alone what happened to them. SI:7 appears to be a clever reference to MI5 and MI6, the remaining sections of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence. SI:7's operations are similar to those of MI6 in that they deal with cloak-and-dagger external affairs. James Bond 007 is the service's most well-known fictitious agent.

Known members
Name Location
Human male Mathias Shaw Old Town Stormwind City
Human male Lord Tony Romano Old Town Stormwind City
Human male Osborne the Night Man Old Town Stormwind City
Human male Elling Trias The Trade District Stormwind City
Human male Flint Shadowmore Chillwind Camp Western Plaguelands
Gnome male Doc Mixilpixil Old Town Stormwind City
Goblin male Renzik "The Shiv" Old Town Stormwind City
Human female Calia Hastings Theramore Isle Dustwallow Marsh
Human male Andello Porter Tabetha's Farm Dustwallow Marsh
Human male Renn McGill Dreadmurk Shore Dustwallow Marsh
Gnome male Tyrion Stormwind Keep Stormwind City
Human male Jasper Fel Old Town Stormwind City
Human female Sloan McCoy Old Town Stormwind City
Human female Amber Kearnen Dust Plains Westfall
Human male Fredo The Marris Stead Eastern Plaguelands (Deceased)
Human male Rutge The Marris Stead Eastern Plaguelands (Deceased)
Human male Turyen The Marris Stead Eastern Plaguelands (Deceased)

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